Why I made this Blog

June 01, 2020


There are many reasons to start blogging and my biggest suggestion is:
You should definitely give it a try !

Knowledge Sharing 🧠🧠🧠

I’ve started posting on my personal blog mainly because I would like to share my passion about Programming and also to help my colleagues in the world. I use to search on the web when i can’t find a solution to my programming problems and now i would like to solve someone else’s problems with my tips, explanations and tutorials .

Whenever we think we are good, we can be even better. 🔨

The one who is getting more benefits probably it’s me. Why ?
Trying to explain programming concepts it’s a very difficult exercise because you have to review what you’ve learned in order to make something understandable to someone else.
( If your first language isn’t English , it’s also a good work to improve your writing skills)

Tutorials 💡

I will do my best to bring on this blog my projects ideas and to transform them in learning tutorial.
Trying to make small and useful application it’s also a good exercise: you will slowly start by spending hours thinking about something to create, then you will end with finding an idea in ten 10 minutes and you will made a full application in a few days. ( maybe hours 🚀 )

How I built this blog

Static Site Generator + Netlify = Super Fast Website 🚀 🚀 🚀

In the next article I will explain what are static site generator, what is Netlify and how to mix them !

Hope you enjoy this post,

Pingu 🐧

Written by Pingu who lives and works in Genoa building useful modern applications.

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