Read URL query string parameters in Javascript

July 04, 2020


You have an url like this and you want to easily access the value of name and color maybe because you’re going to do different stuffs based on query string parameters.

It’s time to use URL Search Params !


The URLSearchParams interface give us some methods to manipulate the query string of a given URL.
If you would like to check if a param is defined inside the url and then read its value, you can use has and get method.
Let’s see a quick example:

// (the url in our example will be

// read the url query string through the window.location object

const queryString =;
console.log(queryString); // '?name=Luke&color=purple'

const urlParams = new URLSearchParams(queryString);

urlParams.has("name") === true; // true
urlParams.has("color") === true; // true

urlParams.get("name") === "Luke"; // true
urlParams.get("color") === "purple"; // true

Please note: you don’t have to worry about the initial ?.
The constructor of URLSearchParams will skip it, if present.

Browser compatibility ⚠️

UrlSearchParams is not supported yet from Internet Explorer, while it has fully support from all the other browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Opera.

For further details check the official URLSearchParams documentation where you can find all the methods to work with URL query string parameters.
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