How I made this Blog

June 06, 2020


In the previous article I told you why I started blogging , but today i would like to talk about all the modern technologies involved.

Netlify flow

Netlify flow. Picture from Netlify official website

Static Site Generator 📃

Static Site generators are very useful tools that take source file and generate the final web pages to serve to your visitor.
This process is possible by defining an HTML template for your contents and then the SSG will build the final resulting fetching the source and fitting it into the template. The are many static site generator, but for this blog, I chose Gatsby because I am comfortable with React.
Here’s a list of the most popular SSG.

JAM Stack 🧱

“Modern websites are moving to JAM Stack”, but what is it ?!

It is a modern architecture based on Javascript + API + Markup, totally independent from the web server.
I assume that all of you already know what Javascript and API ares, but Markup it could sound new for some web developers. Markup stand for the markup language such as Markdown ( Gatsby actually is using it ) that will be the main ingredient to generate your static pages.
To bring you are real example, this article that are you reading is written in Markdown and when I built this page, Gatsby transformed it into HTML and put the result in a template that I previously defined as a React Component in my blog project.

Netlify 🧑🏻‍🚀

“The fastest way to build the fastest sites.”

Netlify is designed to deploy your website in a few steps, without configuring any server. You only need to connect your site repository, push changes through git and then let Netlify do the magic for you ! 🧙🔮
Hosting, HTTPS and Content Delivery Network are included in the package. You can also use your custom domain for free !


  • Thanks to service like Netlify you don’t need more to worry about servers configuration , so you can focus on your web pages and contents
  • Static site generators provide an easy way to generate optimized pages and boost your site setup
  • The JAM stack ecosystem will give superpowers to your next web application

Hope you enjoy this post,

Pingu 🐧

Written by Pingu who lives and works in Genoa building useful modern applications.

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