Which NPM package should I use?

July 13, 2020

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A little disclaimer ⚠️

This is not a golden rule, but generally the most downloaded NPM packages are the most used, so the more people play with it, the more will find out your same problems and also solutions.
If you have no time to investigate bugs or maybe you’re not a pro at Javascript and you just want to use a library ready to go, I suggest you to do not use packages with very few downloads because you will find less resources.

That package was perfectly fitting my use case, but it has few downloads !

Ok, It could happen that you have find that package that seems perfect to you , but no one is using it.
What to do ?
Maybe you’re looking at a very niche package so here we need a different approach: It must be well documented.
Look at also at the examples, most people are more comfortable with code over words.
If you find that everything is fully explained, you can proceed with that library.

NPM Trends

NPM Trends react and vue comparison

NPM Trends compares NPM packages download counter in a graphical way and it reports all the stats like :

  • Stars on Github 🌟
  • Forks 🍽
  • Issues ⚠️
  • Updated 🛠
  • Creation Date 🐣
  • Package Size 🏋️‍♀️

Is you start searching some library it will suggest you some competitor libraries, so you can find some alternatives and compare them with your initial choice.
For example if your search for React, NPM Trends will give you the possibility to compare it with Angular, Vue, Svelte etc. in just one click.
Keep in mind that the newest library will have less users, but thanks to the chart you can have a look how much is growing in popularity and get an idea about the future of that npm package.
If you’re interested in the React-Angular-Vue comparison you can find it here.

Next time if you have some doubts on a NPM package you can double check NPM Trends !
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